PRO28 Heavy Duty Modular Welding Table

Precision Horizontal and vertical fixturing with unlimited possibilities.

The Pro28 Table is a Five Face Fixturing Surface with Modular and REVERSIBLE Individual Plates.

Fixture packages designed for a wide variety of applications. 

A solution to every work holding problem.

About Pro28

The NEW PRO28 is the only Modular Heavy Duty Metric Welding Table with individual, positionable, self-locating, reversible Table Plates for unlimited possibilities in Heavy Duty Fixturing for Welding and Fabrication. Accurately locate, position and clamp stock for higher quality welding.

BuildPro® Engineers developed the PRO28 line by customer demand for an affordable, heavy duty, metric Welding Table. The five-face PRO28 Table is the optimal solution for precision vertical and horizontal fixturing to expand your capabilities in welding and fabrication.

Table Accuracy

Table Flatness:

± 0.064 mm per 600 x 600 mm area

Hole Diameter:

28 + .20 /-0 mm

Hole Spacing:

100 ±0.05 mm

Plate Thickness:

25 ±0.06 mm

Tabletop Finish:Nitrided (Heat-Treated)
Surface Hardness:HV 750
Coefficient of Friction:0.37

Top Plate


Side Plate


About Us

Strong Hand Tools is the original manufacturer of modular fixture tables, and we are proud to expand our fixture table line with the PRO28 series of heavy duty fixture tables. We have taken our years of manufacturing experience and customer feedback to produce a new blended design for heavy duty welding tables.