Clamping Squares

Clamping Squares

The Sliding Base and Slotted Square together provide 3-axis adjustment for heavy fixtures. They work especially well in combination with Flange Clamping Plates and 3D Clamping Squares for pipefitting applications.

The Sliding Base should be bolted to the table with a low profile clamping bolt, item T28-46350 to ensure proper clearance between the base and clamping square when sliding.

The Support and Clamping Frame features bore holes on a 50 mm grid with slots. Two versions with stops on either left or right side.

Slotted Adj. Square Cast Iron
500 x 100 x 100

Sliding Base
Support and Clamping Frame, - stop on left
300 x 200 x 100
Support and Clamping Frame, - stop on right
300 x 200 x 100


Product Detail:

Part No.NameLength
T28-15010Slotted Adj. Square Cast Iron50010010016
T28-93530Sliding Base3503005016
T28-32103LSupport and Clamping Frame, - stop on right30020010019.5
T28-32103RSupport and Clamping Frame, - stop on left30020010019.5