Table Legs

Table Legs

PRO28 Welding Tables come with a wide range of mounting options to suit every workspace. Legs are ordered individually and the quantity required will vary depending on table size.

Legs mount onto plates at the bottom of the table; to calculate height of work surface add the height of the leg and the height of the table together. For example, the 850 mm Standard Leg combined with a table height of 200 mm results in a 650 mm high work surface. Leveling feet with spindles at the bottom of the legs offer fine adjustment.

400 mm H Leg
500 mm H Leg
650 mm H Leg
Height Adjustable Leg 550 - 900 mm
Leg with Caster and Locking Brake 650 mm
Height Adjustable Leg with Caster and Locking Brake 550 - 750 mm

Product Detail:

Part No.DescriptionHeight
Spindle Adjustment
Range (mm)
Static Load
Capacity (kg)
T28-81004400 mm H40050 2,00011.5
T28-81005500 mm H500502,00012.5
T28-81007650 mm H650502,00014.0
T28-82009Height-adjustable Leg
550 - 900 mm
550 - 900502,00018.5
T28-81406Leg with Caster and
Locking Brake 650 mm
T28-82407Height - adjustable Leg
with Caster and Locking
Brake 550 - 750


Four M12 hex drive cap screws and washers are included with each leg.

Maximum Safe Bearing Load:

Vertical force direction:
20 kN

Horizontal force direction:
2 kN

Maximum stability ensured by large section tube
(100 x 100 mm).